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At The Institute for Love and Time (TILT), we are committed to providing evidence-based, non-addictive, humane technologies and tools that allow people to have a deeper and more loving connection with themselves over time – and from that place learn to create a healthier and more positive future.


Get inspired by listening to participants in our Expanded Human Potential Pilot Program. These incarcerated individuals from the Cook County Department of Corrections used our Time Machine app to help learn to love themselves and others.

Time Machine

Our first technology is a progressive, non-addictive web app that can support you in connecting with, forgiving, and loving your internal representations of your past, present, and future selves. 

Step into the Time Machine to discover a path to healing and trauma recovery!


Emergency health issues require immediate action. This project is exploring a new generation of medicine and healing that, during the recovery period, utilizes time travel-based meditations to retrocausally influence objective and subjective measures of wellbeing.

Participate in testing the technology!


This app, once launched, harnesses the healing power of deep gazing to give you a direct experience of unconditional love, first for yourself, and then for others. By looking deeply into the eyes, without words or distraction, a deeper connection to self and others is realized.

Explore the power of unconditional love found through gazing!

Quantum Time Machine

We are examining the theoretical and experimental aspects of a practical device capable of transferring information and/or energy from the future. At the upcoming Quantum Time Machine Conference at University of San Diego, we are bringing together experts from the fields of quantum mechanics, computing, thermodynamics, biophysics and more to design the next breakthrough in this technology.

Learn more about this groundbreaking conference.