Scalable Time Travel Narratives

Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


A strong future orientation, or habitually planning for a positive future, is strongly associated with positive career, education, and health outcomes. Unfortunately, there is a future-orientation gap. Folks who have experienced poverty, trauma, addiction, abuse and/or incarceration are likely to have weaker future orientations compared to others.

We know that future orientation can be improved via narrative approaches that help people weave the present moment into their hopes and goals for the future, and that support people in feeling connected to a successful and wise future version of themselves. Research suggests that health and wellbeing improves as an apparent result of what has been called “time travel narrative” approaches. However, one-on-one or group therapy interventions are difficult to scale.

Our team is asking the question, “Can scalable time travel narrative technology improve future orientation for those who need it most?”

To address this question, we are creating and honing an inclusive design and development process, then using this learning to build, clinically test, and launch tool(s) that we hope will improve future orientation. Our team plans to achieve both objectives by partnering with several health care, social work, and technology providers to facilitate the creation, testing and maintenance of up to 2 free, scalable, engaging, and self-sustaining time travel narrative tools designed by and for under-resourced people. We are not currently looking for study participants.

Part of this process includes the “Hope Intervention” web series, an ongoing 30-minute weekly evidence-based “hope workout” aimed at clinicians and health practitioners, to help them understand and utilize the power of future orientation in the context of hope.

Via both our inclusive design and development process as well as the resulting scalable technology, this project is likely to broadly inform efforts to increase health, hope and wellbeing by gradually extending time horizons for those who can most benefit from this expansion.

We are honored to report that this project is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation. The project is directed by Julia Mossbridge at The Institute for Love and Time (TILT) via a fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems, Inc.

Beta testing begins August 2022.
Contact us to discuss becoming a launch partner.

Analysis of precognitive remote viewing

Supported by the Bial Foundation


We are proud to announce that TILT and our close collaborators, The Windbridge Institute, were awarded a grant from the Bial Foundation to perform a follow-up study on initial results showing that pregnant women may have better access to subconscious information about future events than non-pregnant women. The study will also examine how feelings of performance anxiety and unconditional love may influence precognition, research questions that are based on previous results from the work by Mossbridge, Nisam, and Crabtree (2020). As is the case for all of our grants, the funding does not begin to cover our time — your donations and your willingness to share TILT’s work far and wide are what really support this work!

The full title of this project is, “A trait-and-state analysis of precognitive remote viewing focusing on gender, emotions, and pregnancy status,” and it will be complete by July 2022.

Time Travel Field Formation Meeting

Supported by multiple donors


Field formation is the intentional creation of a new field of scholarly and scientific study. Around 20 people from various disciplines will convene at the University of San Diego in 2022 in a part-private, invitation-only meeting with several public talks and panels to answer the future-based question, “Assuming we solved time travel, how did we do it? What can we do with it?” We will use this imagination task to discover what tractable next steps and what low-hanging time travel project fruit will emerge, as well as the problems that might arise. We are working in collaboration with the University of San Diego, the Penrose Institute, the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, Quantum Gravity Research, and several private donors. Summer 2022 also marks the 20th anniversary of the first American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting on the science of retrocausality.

Join us at University of San Diego in Summer 2022 for the public portion of this meeting — sign up for the TILT newsletter (in footer) to be on the mailing list for updates.

Mental, informational, and physical time travel are all relatively new fields — and they can be lonely. Please contact us if you are a scientist or technologist interested in applying for one of the small grants provided by this project.

The Science of Time Travel Project

Seeking funding


The science of time travel is mostly studied by physicists at national labs, outside of public awareness. While certainly this work is important, creating a solid scientific understanding of time travel among civilians without security clearances is essential for co-creating truly beneficial uses of travel in time.

Any scientist with a reasonable and promising approach to mental, informational or physical time travel will be encouraged to apply to the Science of Time Travel project for funding and collegial support. This includes physicists, philosophers, artificial intelligence researchers, quantum computing experts and medical doctors.

These professionals would usually fear career suicide if they attempted to receive funding from any governmental agencies and most private foundations. But at TILT, they not only have a home, but a context in which to interact with and learn from researchers and technologists studying unconditional love – in the monthly meetings they will be required to attend to receive funding.

The Science of Unconditional Love Project

Seeking funding


The science of unconditional love is a new field that faces hardship due to low funding and societal taboos. TILT’s new Science of Unconditional Love project is designed to bring together talented researchers in evolutionary and unconditional love.

Who might be involved? Mathematicians studying the behavior of agent-based systems that practice deep compassion, artificial intelligence researchers working on creating algorithms to support unconditional love in future AI projects, sociologists and psychologists examining the impact of pilot technologies that might facilitate scaling unconditional love, physicists examining the idea that unconditional love is a physical force or frequency.

Drawing from a pool of volunteer S.T.E.M. experts sourced from the TILT community, we will vet and fund 6 small-grant proposals for this project each year. Over the course of the year a proposal is active, awardees will attend monthly project seminars in which they will create new collaborations that can spark future research and application possibilities.


Unconditional love is a powerful motivating force in human psychology as well as potentially a powerful physical force in itself. This project is geared toward developing the science of unconditional love. Please contact us if you are a scientist or technologist interested in applying for one of the small grants provided by this project.

Our original work was on climate change; we are open to working with other problems. Please contact us if you are interested in contracting with the PPC group for a project.

Positive Precog Consortium

Open for contracts


The mission of the Positive Precog Consortium (PPC) is to use scientifically validated intuitive means to address intractable problems, with a special focus on information that can guide future strategy for individuals, corporations, government agencies, and NGOs.

The unique method employed by PPC was first developed, tested and placed into operation by Stanford Research Institute and US Military Intelligence beginning in the 1970’s. The methodology is known as “remote viewing.” It was used for intelligence gathering purposes by specifically obtaining information that is not local in space or time, by people trained in a strict protocol. The PPC uses an iteration of this protocol, which we feel is an improvement over the military protocol, based on our combined three decades of research and application of precognition.

Previous funded project (2020): We created a working collaboration between climate scientists and validated intuitives who excel at gaining information about positive strategies to manage future events — “positive precogs”. In this collaboration, we used our scientific background to help understand, based on several productive and targeted discussions with the climate scientists, the most critical questions that, if answered, would allow breakthroughs in understanding and managing climate change. We worked with a group of 5-6 positive precogs in an iterative process to provide answers to these critical questions – as well as the additional questions our answers are raising. A lay audience writeup of the work is here; peer review of a scientist-geared article is underway.

The Connectdome

Seeking land, materials, expertise, labor


Alice Toler, a positive precog with expertise and talent in building intriguing and positively affirming structures donated her considerable talent to create what we are calling The Connectdome (video of her intricate and beautiful model here). The Connectdome will be used to house Positive Precog Consortium working retreats as well as other retreats from the community involved in research and applications of unconditional love and time travel. Smaller portable versions of The Connectdome may also be used to create attractive workable outdoors COVID-safer spaces for schools, among other applications. The Connectdome is seeking land, architectural expertise, materials, and community building in-kind donations.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating funding, land or expertise towards The Connectdome.

This project is a collaboration between TILT and the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination. We are looking for communities who would like to experience 2050 World Histories Day as well as donors who would like to support this learning experience.

2050 World Histories Day

Seeking communities and funding


Stop wondering what might happen and begin creating what could happen: The future doesn’t happen to us, we author it together. In this 3-hour workshop, join futurists, scientists, and artists to learn how you can:

  • Build, make, create, birth, or midwife an entirely new vision for the future in your personal and in our collective lives.
  • Use the tools of foresight to look back on the present from a positive future scenario and “backcast” how you can get where you want to be.
  • Use the tools of mindful awareness to create the conditions to seed your future.

Drawing from the sciences of future orientation and strategic foresight, the art of worldbuilding, and the wisdom of mindful awareness and diverse voices, this workshop invites you into a brave space for the whispers of the future to be heard, and to be grown into a chorus. We will begin with several quick examples from time travelers who just arrived from 2050 to inform us about their futures and how they built them, try out the tools in breakout sessions, experience a puppet show from 2050, and bring it all together with personal and global reflections.


TILT incubates worthwhile projects that we feel can benefit the world and support our mission. We user our time, expertise and connections to incubate these projects as a service, though we are not currently seeking independent funding for them.

Lawyers for Love is bringing a highly innovative approach to shifting decision making and agreements from fear to love.

Lawyers for love


TILT board member Tim Williams and Virginia Warren co-founded a global network of legal professionals known as Lawyers for Love. They are exploring Human Optimisation by researching an alternative societal system for decision-making. The current system is founded in the fear-based Rule of Law.

Lawyers for Love have been experimenting with LIOTEC (“Love is of the Essence Consciousness”) as the new basis for decision-making. Lawyers for Love are testing and developing some practical and scalable ‘tools’ and techniques to help the World access and sustain LIOTEC for optimal benefit. These tools and techniques they call LIOTECnology.

One such tool is the use of a “Love is of the essence” type clause in legal documents to guide decision-making related to its legal environment. For example, in TILT by-laws it now states that: “To the full extent permitted by Law, Love is of the essence of the Corporation. ‘Love’ is a state of being without fear, and the most loving thing to do is the primary action in the moment.”

Time traveling loving media


Wolfram Alderson, founding board chair for TILT, is a social change agent and artist. He actively seeks collaboration in his many works that focus or build upon unconditional love. One of his current series, “Utterances of the Heart” unfolds at the intersection of art, language, and love, and features words – sentences – about higher love, written in various languages, that are sculpturally interpreted and illuminated. Each serves as a flash – semaphore – of love, broadcasting across time and space. Visit Wolfram’s website or contact him for more information or to explore collaboration.

Wolfram Alderson creates art and media related to unconditional love and is a TILT co-founder.



TILT co-founder and executive director Dr. Julia Mossbridge and co-founder and executive director Wolfram Alderson are part of an international team to develop a new organization focused on connecting people in a way that helps us practice unconditional love; TILT is incubating the organization, currently called VovLove. Watch this space for updates!

Story Medicine


One of TILT’s board advisors, Rev. Rebecca D. Armstrong, has created Story Medicine — a gift of personalized storytelling to support each person’s passage through time, with love.

She is offering one free personalized story prescription for someone affected negatively by the pandemic for each story session purchased at full price. Please consider supporting her generosity by buying a story for yourself, to heal and to hope.