A Collaboration with Cook County Department of Corrections (Chicago)
April to June 2022

Some (not all) of the graduates of the Expanded Human Potential Pilot Program at Cook County Jail

Incarcerated individuals are not often supported in exploring the power of their minds. The focus is usually on fixing what’s perceived to be broken – but not on discovering and playing with what is fun, exciting, and interesting within ourselves. The Expanded Human Potential Pilot Program not only gave the participants a unique opportunity for discovery, it allowed them to connect with themselves and each other in a deep and meaningful way.

Led by TILT Project Manager and UI/UX lead Amber Williams, for this 8-week pilot program we partnered with a subset of the Cook County Jail population to integrate balanced time perspective, unconditional love and positive wellness messages into the daily and weekly habits of 14 men.

For two hours each Friday, these participants beta-tested Time Machine, TILT’s premiere unconditional love + time-travel technology. They also meditated with Dr. Michael Sapiro and TILT’s executive director Dr. Julia Mossbridge (both on TILT’s Time Machine team), engaged in conversation about intuition, psychokinesis, precognition and time travel, and participated in a workshop led by Sean McNamara. At the end of the program, the participants gave TILT feedback and suggestions about how the app could be improved.

Here’s a video that captures some of the experience:

Wall of Appreciation and Acknowledgement

These 14 men are the first to graduate from The Expanded Human Potential Pilot Program. We at TILT are grateful for their patience with us as well as their keen insight and kind hearts. We can already see them out in the world, doing their best and remembering to connect with the wisdom of their future selves.

Ricard Russell (Russ Dog)
Kenneth Johnson (KJ)
Marcellus Washington (Mo Money)
Jeffery Ware (Papa Moe)
Victor Isom
Keith Lyda (Oldschool)
Marquis Shelton
Mark Rivera (Lil Bruce)
Freddie Edwards (Big Creep)
Connie Johnson
Albert Ishu
Wayne Phillips
Charlton Belle
Eric Delgadillo

And here is their facilitator and project lead, Amber Williams:

The graduates of the program were hoping for a way to post online some of their recordings – which are very inspiring. They were asked to make recordings as if their future selves were speaking to them from a better place than now. There are two kinds of recordings – the Time Machine recordings, which they would listen to the following week – and the Hope Garden recordings, which they could plant in the Community Garden so others could hear them.

Here are the graduates future selves, sending love, hope and respect.

Messages to past and future selves:

Message to our past selves

Messages from the future


Final Messages from the Future


Hope Garden messages:

Instructions for Life


Confidence to achieve