Vail Symposium Workshop: Mental Time Travel Training Intensive
TILT executive director and co-founder, Dr. Julia Mossbridge, will be offering this in-person 5-hour mental time travel training intensive at the Vail Symposium. 100% of Dr. Mossbridge’s proceeds will be donated to TILT.

“This intensive training is focused on enhancing your unconditionally loving connection with your past and future selves as a way to bring about two important outcomes: strengthening and healing yourself and your sense of aliveness in the world and improving your intuitive capacity for precognition, or predicting future events. You’ll learn the basics of both types of mental time travel and more deeply understand why and how they are related. The prediction portion will focus on learning the first three steps of precognitive remote viewing.”

Click here for more information and to register for the workshop.

Update: The Science of Time Travel

Lots of interesting time-travel related discussions in the scholarly and non-scholarly media lately. Here’s a sampling of interesting ideas.

1. Not recent, but becoming prescient — Terrence McKenna mentioning that as soon as informational time travel exists (he calls it a time portal for information), we have access to all the resources the future of humanity can offer.

2. Whomever understands this article about a new method of non-spatially obtaining parity time-symmetry, please speak up!

3. Potentially conceptually related to item 2 (not sure), this is an excellent article in Quanta about time crystals — a new phase of matter that oscillates between states perpetually.

4. A Sunday Morning Herald article about teleporting, which is one of the first lay audience articles to point out that teleportation and time travel are conceptually related (and perhaps practically so).

5. This is actually 2 years old but seems like a good idea to include after that teleporting article — a proposal for a quantum blockchain built on entanglement in time.

Watch this space — Help TILT test our new experiment!

TILT is honored to have received a grant with our collaborators at The Windbridge Institute to study the relationship between precognitive remote viewing, unconditional love, reproductive hormones and anxiety — we thank the Bial Foundation for funding this important project.

The experiment will be online, and will include a pre-specified population of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers — but we will need your help testing our software. Please contact us if you’d like to be part of a group of people who will test the software prior to the experiment.

We so appreciate the TILT community and thank you for your involvement.

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