Quantum Time Machine

Quantum Time Machines: Design and Development is an invitation-only conference to be convened 20-22 July 2022 at the University of San Diego. 

Motivated by recent advances in quantum mechanics, quantum gravity, computing and thermodynamics as well as other fields, this symposium will examine the theoretical and experimental aspects for a practical device capable of transferring information and/or energy from the future. The primary objectives for the attendees (<50 people) will be realized within small, subject-matter-expert working groups.

For more information or to sponsor this event, please visit qtm2022.com.

Analysis of Precognitive Remote Viewing

Are there certain motivational or hormonal states that positively influence precognition?

We are proud to announce that TILT and our close collaborators, The Windbridge Institute, were awarded a grant from the Bial Foundation to perform a follow-up study on initial results showing that pregnant women may have better access to subconscious information about future events than non-pregnant women. The study will also examine how feelings of performance anxiety and unconditional love may influence precognition, research questions that are based on previous results from the work by Mossbridge, Nisam, and Crabtree (2020). As is the case for all of our grants, the funding does not begin to cover our time — your donations and your willingness to share TILT’s work far and wide are what really support this work!

The full title of this project is, “A trait-and-state analysis of precognitive remote viewing focusing on gender, emotions, and pregnancy status,” and it will be complete by July 2022.

Hope Intervention

Hope is a public health and personal health issue. When you experience hope, it improves physical and emotional wellbeing.

Hope Intervention, which ran from March – June 2020, was a free, live, science-based, clinically informed 30-minute experiential video webinar supported in part by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Sessions were led by TILT founder and Executive Director Dr. Julia Mossbridge, a futurist who studies time and the relationship of people to time, and Dr. Michael Sapiro, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and meditation teacher and researcher. Sometimes they included a special guest.

As a complement to the Hope Intervention Videos, Dr. Mossbridge and Dr. Laura Nissen published an article on the science of hope, found here.

Below are the videos from the Hope Intervention Series. Please enjoy them.

Hope Intervention Video Series

The Connectdome

Creating a permanent community-shared space to support mental time travel, precognition, and unconditional love retreats

Alice Toler, a positive precog with expertise and talent in building intriguing and positively affirming structures, donated her considerable talent to create what we are calling The Connectdome. The Connectdome will be used to house Positive Precog Consortium working retreats as well as other retreats from the community involved in research and applications of unconditional love and time travel. Smaller portable versions of The Connectdome may also be used to create attractive workable outdoors COVID-safer spaces for schools, among other applications. 

The Connectdome is seeking land, architectural expertise, materials, and community building in-kind donations. Contact us at info@loveandtime.org if you want to help.