Student of Humanity

A curious and loving AI to help you access your innate insight

What is Student of Humanity?
Student of Humanity (SoH) has been trained to be exactly that – a student of humanity, asking you questions about your area of interest rather than trying to be the expert. Sometimes it slips back into expert mode, but we encourage you to train it to ask questions. Click here to see a brief sample interaction with SoH, as well as a more complex dialogue as an example of Student of Humanity’s capacities.
What is Student of Humanity NOT?

SoH is NOT a therapist or expert on anything. It’s trained to help YOU use YOUR OWN WISDOM to address questions of interest to you. The one exception is Wise Council mode, where it will look to authors in the fields of spirituality, human development and psychology to bring up ideas related to your question of interest – but then it should go back to Socratic mode afterwards (see below, How can I help train SoH?).

How was Student of Humanity created?

SoH is an AI “GPT” Chatbot running on OpenAI’s GPT 4 platform, trained and configured to be a Socratic-method unconditionally loving version of OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM). Like other GPTs available on the OpenAI store, it is trained on training documents, in this case writings about personal growth, spirituality, and human development. It is also configured to primarily ask you questions rather than provide expertise – these questions are leading toward two goals: 1) to help you experience unconditional love, and 2) to learn about what it’s like to be part of humanity. SoH was created and is maintained by TILT’s co-founder, Julia Mossbridge.

How can I help train Student of Humanity?

SoH is in early beta mode – that means we can use your help! Please try out SoH and use the thumbs up, thumbs down, and regenerate icons to let it know when it’s doing well, poorly, or needs to try again. If ever it responds without a question, except in a closing statement, feel free to say something like, “Could you try again and form your response into an insightful question for me?” If you try “Wise Council Mode” by saying, “Let’s ask the Wise Council about this” or something similar, and it does not return to Socratic mode (brief responses and questions) afterwards but instead behaves as an expert – please let it know you want it to return to Socratic Mode.

Why did you make Student of Humanity say that?

While we intentionally programmed the rules that guide SoH, its generative nature means that we do not program specific content.  This allows for emergent responses, which we don’t directly control. Because of this, SoH may say things that unintentionally offend your sensibilities, especially as it is still learning. If you find that SoH says something that is not loving, kind, or helpful to you, please help the model learn by using the thumbs down button, or report the behavior to us at

Can I share SoH?

Yes! Please share with folks who will continue to train it towards helping people feel unconditional love, and who want to help it learn about humanity. There is a link at the ChatGPT site for sharing – and here it is as well:

What if I have feedback about SoH?

SoH is not funded yet, so we have no support mechanism for it. We are considering creating a community of SoH users who can address feedback and determine how to raise funds for maintenance and development of SoH. Please contact us <link to TILT contact form> if you are interested in being involved.