Our first Time Machine is here!

The Institute of Love and Time is committed to delivering technologies that allow each of us to experience unconditional love and time travel, creating a deeper sense of wholeness for ourselves, our human family, and the planet. We are so thrilled to share with you our first app – the Time Machine!In this update you’ll read about:

  • The Time Machine app, and how you can use it
  • Our peer-reviewed paper on the app showing its effectiveness
  • Dr. Julia Mossbridge writing on the nature of Unconditional Love
  • Upcoming talks at SXSW from our team members
  • A chance to time travel through #givingthursday to support TILT’s future
Thank you for being part of this community. Please jump into the Time Machine with us and let us know what you think. We are excited to bring it to the world!

The Time Machine – Try it for yourself

Learn to use unconditional love to connect with yourself over time, helping you to relax, re-center, and nurture your hopes.

The Time Machine is the first technology being developed at TILT and it is ready to be beta-tested by our community. Our recent peer-reviewed paper – see below – has demonstrated the effectiveness of this tool in supporting people feeling connected to a wise and loving future version of themselves, an approach that has until now only been provided in counseling contexts.

We built this app based on the effectiveness of “time-travel narratives” — a proven therapeutic method that supports people in getting to know, forgive, and love their internal representations of their past, present, and future selves.

Click here to step into the Time Machine and try it out for yourself.

TILT’s 1st Peer-Reviewed Paper on Time Machine

The ideal time perspective has been a topic of popular discussion for centuries. For instance, two forms of time were personified by the Greeks: Kronos vs. Kairos; these are similar in meaning to two Hindu words for time, Kala vs. Ritu.

What has been called a “balanced time perspective” represents an intricate interplay between realistic and positive awareness of the past and present combined with willingness to hope and plan for a realistically positive future.

The Time Machine app is able to support that outcome, demonstrating significant improvements in self-reported time perspective, overall wellbeing scores, and feelings of unconditional love — and for participants with the worst childhood trauma, overall wellbeing was improved twice as much as those with less childhood trauma.

Read our peer-reviewed paper in Frontiers to learn how Time Machine is helping people to deal with past trauma, to create healthier future visions, and develop a more whole sense of self right now.

5 Ideas About Unconditional Love

“Boosting awareness of how to access unconditional love will lead toward positive outcomes for humanity.” – Dr. Julia Mossbridge

It may help to share a definition of how we understand unconditional love here at TILT. Of course, if you have some insight or nuance, please do share with us. This is from our recently peer-reviewed paper on the Time Machine app:

“Unconditional love is the heartfelt benevolent desire that everyone and everything — ourselves, others, and all that exists in the universe — reaches their greatest possible fulfillment, whatever that may be. This love is freely given, with no consideration of merit, with no strings attached, with no expectation of return, and it is a love that motivates supportive action in the one who loves.”

Jump in with Dr. Julia Mossbridge’s 5 Ideas About Unconditional Love and see how they fit for you.

TILT is taking the stage at SXSW in Austin, TX

We are so thrilled to announce that TILT Executive Director Dr. Julia Mossbridge, as well as TILT’s Time Machine Project Manager Polly Washburn, will both be speaking on two different topics at the upcoming South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX in March 2022. We know it is a ways away, but we just got word that these two talks have been accepted, and as our community, we wanted to reflect back to you that a unified field of time travel and unconditional love is an idea whose time has come!

Preemptive Intelligence: Can We Spy on the Future?
Anticipating the future is a priority for the Intelligence Community. Can precognition rooted in the principles of quantum physics offer a new opportunity? Hear Dr. Julia Mossbridge and Carmen Medina discuss this vital topic. Here’s the description.

Jedi Tech: A look back from 2050
TILT’s very own Polly Washburn and our collaborator Josh Lengfelder, the CEO of Randonautica, “the world’s first quantum random adventure game,” will be speaking on the rise of “jedi tech” and the implications for society, technology, and design. Description here.


You can bring forth more technologies on time travel and unconditional love

We hope you will join us in putting love in the form of money into this inspiring, accelerating effort to develop time travel and unconditional love technologies and get them in the hands of diverse communities.

In addition to rolling out Time Machine, we will be launching two other technologies in 2022 and can’t wait to share them with you!

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