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Time Machine

Time Machine, our first-launched technology, was inspired by proven therapeutic methodologies not always accessible to under-resourced communities. For organizations seeking to improve the lives of those in marginalized communities and/or people impacted by poverty, trauma, abuse, addiction and incarceration, partnering with TILT to deliver the three supportive and transformative Time Machine tools within the communities you touch will amplify your impact by giving people access to scalable trauma recovery
Or if you yourself could benefit from such trauma recovery tools, Time Machine may be for you.
Learn more about the Expanded Human Potential Pilot Program, our collaboration with Cook County Department of Corrections.




How does it work?

Time Machine is a progressive web app that provides three tools. The first is a daily practice for recording and hearing messages generated by and for the user, allowing them to create a healthy relationship with themselves over time.

The second tool is a “meditation tent” that allows people to record their own supportive meditations to play repeatedly throughout the day or just once in a while. Finally, “hope garden” provides a space for people to plant seeds of hope for their future, nourished by the resources they select. Anyone who chooses to plant their hope in the community garden section of the hope garden can do so, and be inspired and guided by the hopes of others.

Backed by Science

The science behind Time Machine is based on the effectiveness of what we call “time-travel narratives” — our name for a well-documented therapeutic method that supports people in getting to connect with, forgive, and love their internal representations of their past, present, and future selves. 

Our peer-reviewed paper in Frontiers in Psychology (Nov. 2021) describes the results of our 96-person pilot study showing significant improvements in self-reported time perspective, feelings of unconditional love and overall well-being scores. What’s more, for participants with the worst childhood trauma, over the 26 days of the study overall well-being actually “caught up” to the overall well-being reported by those with better childhoods! This shift in well-being is unusual in people with high adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) scores, and the data suggest that Time Machine facilitated this remarkable shift.

TILT & the Time Machine Design Team

Our team brings a diversity of backgrounds and expertise spanning science, technology, health, and healing. We designed the Time Machine to be non-addictive and capable of supporting you in developing new healthy habits. We are excited for you to experience it.

Bring Time Machine to Your Community

Time Machine was generously funded with a multi-year grant of $500,000+ awarded to TILT by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the United States’ largest public health philanthropy focusing on access to health care, public health, health equity, and changing systems to address barriers to health.

Now TILT is exploring launch partnerships with organizations serving communities and individuals that will benefit most from this tool. Some of our current pro bono partners include: 

  • Cook County Corrections, Cook County, Illinois (pilot program in place)
  • First Responders (firefighters, doctors, nurses, police officers) in Idaho, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington, D.C. (program in planning stages)
  • Addiction support groups in several geographic areas (program in planning stages)

TILT is seeking strategic partners in the health and wellness space. In our partnerships, we work closely with your organization to help you directly integrate and share this tool with your community and/or help you support TILT publicly as we partner to develop our planned programs. 

When you are ready to explore bringing Time Machine to your community or to discuss publicly supporting TILT’s ongoing pro bono efforts, please reach out to TILT Deputy Director Alex Morrison to schedule a conversation.